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Thread: Games not seen on usb HD

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    Games not seen on usb HD

    Hi all i running 4.3 E ive installed homebrew channel and usb loader gx updated 4.3 i copyed every think in this video (failtube link removed)
    all seems to been ok except ive put my games on to the hdd but my wii dont see any i used wii mangager and formated the drive fat 32 as all instuctions here (failtube link removed) what am i doing wrong ive been on this 7 hrs now and getting close to smashing the hell outa it lol can some 1 post a guide that acutly works please instead of bits and pieces here and there ive must have downloaded 30 things as well please i have 6 or so games on my hd as u can see from the pic below but the game loader show 0games ??????
    many thanks for any help

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    Follow the soft mod any Wii guide from this site then the fat32 guide

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    You really need to consult the author of the guide or video you are following.
    If we didn't author it, we certainly can't advise you on it. Make sense?
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    ok il follow a guide here is there a way i can do factory reset and start from scratch ?
    as ive all ready got the hbc installed and usb loader just not from this site would be easyer to start again
    many thanks for the replys

    forgot to mention im using an 80gb 2.5 laptop sata HD for my storage hope it compatible or do i need a 3.5 drive
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    Is your wii a subset of "Any wii"?

    If so, go through the guide. Just do it on top of whatever state you currently are in. Don't delete, undo, or format anything.

    and if you don't think your Wii is a subset of "any wii", then refresh your definition of subset.

    We have a compatibility thread as well.
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    went and followed Softmod Any Wii guide that was nice and easy step by step all updates channels installed ,pluged me usb hd in and still zero games thinking il use another hd and follow the next fat32 guide yeah it works it was because i didnt make a folder called WBFS anys ways great tutorials and easy to follow many thanks
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