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Thread: Black screen in some games using both usb loader gx and wiiflow!

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    Exclamation Black screen in some games using both usb loader gx and wiiflow!

    Need help!

    Some of my games (including GC and Wiiware) goes black screen. No banner and music.
    I've updated my ioses and cioses(d2x v10 beta53alt) to latest. I use usb loader gx r1213. Reformatted my hardisk, installed same(black screen) games using wii backup manager still not working. I've been doing this for the past 6 hours already. Please help! Thanks in advance!

    In case, here's my syscheck:


    1. I played GC game Super Mario Sunshine, pressed RESET button to exit.
    2. Installed wiiware wads via usb loader gx.
    3. Attempted to install wiiware wads using showmiiwads but had no luck coz it just wont install using Extract>File (I don't know why..).
    4. Updated covers via wifi network.

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    Our guides (yes, we have guides on this) don't tell you to do that. We have guides on DIOS MIOS, DIOS MIOS LITE, proper disk formatting, and the like. Wiiware is purchased through the shop channel and not in wad form. On that particular thing, you will receive no assistance. Use the search bar.


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