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Thread: Reminder to the masses

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    Reminder to the masses

    please remember, people have free will, recently someone from this site added me on MSN, and requested my help, after doing so... he was happy, he later got a game, and needed the Cios's installed... i didnt want to help him so i didnt... might i add basic levels of effort would help him out *his issue was putting the wad in the root, like the program told him, but he kept putting it in the wad folder in the root -,_-, yeah.....* today, after our long friendship *of him asking me questions and me helping, or ignoring* he couldnt install Cios 36, to play his game with everything enabled.... i refused to help him, because i dont want to be mr answer... people need to learn to do it themself, i didnt have some magic person on msn to help me, its not hard to do, after hours of him begging me to help him out, he went in another root and said to me ...

    ****** says (4:42 PM):
    *you know your really smart but your selfish
    my point is, NO ONE on this forum, should be saying anyone is selfish *it implies youre fully selfless, ESP not a hard working member of the community*
    i say this because, in all the time i knew him it was only his questions, i made a choice, i guess that makes me a bad person... so please remember before you say someone is something, think if youre any better...

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    I could agree more, people are not paid to do this.

    There doing it in the own free time, no one has taught me how to do anything and if google didnt know the answer then i was screwed

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    makes you wonder sometimes Y-Y

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    even i, at one stage was asking too much, yet i didnt get angry at you for not helping me as much as i had liked. i went to the tutorials and got it sorted. Admiral, i honestly dont know why people need you to tell them everything.

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    if u pm me for help...
    you better be a ***** donator

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    Dear Fleet Admiral,
    I did not realise that 1 to 1 tuition was available, I feel so silly now - I could have just MSN'd you instead of showing my stupidity to the world

    I have said it before and I will say it again, the very fact that you answer almost EVERY post for help, implies in NO WAY are you selfish. You are a straight talking guy who gets straight to the point and some of your answers have me laughing out loud as I can just imagine the look on your face when typing

    All the best


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    when i post my sarcastic humor posts i got this HUGE grin on my face... and when i read some peoples problems, or answers i am like o.O confused XD

    the Cios 37 issue mentioned here
    and the guy with a modchip paying for gamma

    but yeah, it erked me, that i can help someone so much, and after i got tired of them needing me they say im a bad person ~_~ and selfish, i just hope no one else doing support gets that!

    and yes i got all my messengers listed under my account

    aim = darkpetfluffy *really old dont ask*
    msn =
    are my mains


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