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Thread: Problems with newer versions of WiiFlow

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    Problems with newer versions of WiiFlow

    hello guys,

    i need a little help please. i have a soft modded wii using this method that i hacked over a year ago. having recently seen that wiiflow had gotten a hige upgrade i decided to try to update the old 3.1 version to the newest version. now i never had any problem with wiiflow as it was except that it wouldnt allow motion plus controllers. i downloaded the 4.1.2 version, extracted the data to my SD card and loaded up wiiflow. first screen was a code dump, second time was just a black screen. third time i launched wiiflow it came up with what i can assume is the new wiiflow logo, but then went black screen again. so thinking perhaps 4.1.2 was bugged somehow i downloaded 4.1.1. this time i can actually get into wiiflow just fine, but all the tabs are blank. there is simply nothing there to see. i dont know what to do now. ive been googling this problem for 4 hours now to no avail. ive tried searching these forums for similar problems but cant quite see anything that resembles my problem.

    so my question is when updating wiiflow, is there something else that needs to be done other than replacing the apps/wiiflow folder on the SD card?

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    I moved your post to its own thread. It doesn't really have anything to do with the Softmod ANY Wii Guide.

    Delete the wiiflow.ini file and the contents of the sd/wiiflow/cache/lists folder. They will be rebuilt the next time you launch WiiFlow.


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