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Thread: New To Modding. Need major help.

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    Hi, I was following a youtube guide * [failtube guide removed] * (I do not know if I can post that link...=/) Figure that may help. I got to the part where it "crashes" and I need to turn off my wii remove the SD card and then turn it on while holding the Reset button. This however did not work. Now my wii will not turn on at all. Please help me.
    If I could make it so that I can load my games as normal that would be great.
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    Please don't use failtube, look at the Softmod ANY Wii guide in my signature and mod your Wii correctly.

    Edit: Hmm, your Wii will not power on at all? Try unplugging it from both the system and outlet for 15min (at least) then plug back in. If it still doesn't you'll have to wait for a expert such as Mauifrog to help out.


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