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Thread: Confused about NMM and GCMM

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    Confused about NMM and GCMM

    Just wondering. All I've done is installed DIOS MIOS, I launch a gamecube game, it works. I can't save though and when I turn on NMM on WiiFlow I just get a black screen. I'm using a real NAND. Can I use NMM for real NAND? Also I've come across gamecube memory card manager (GCMM). Is this any good?

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    GCMM is just for ripping and installing saves to a real card. Are you using an SD card? I believe one is needed for NMM to work. Also check the game compatibility list to make sure that particular game works with NMM (not all games are)

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    Nah I'm not using an sd card (DIOS MIOS lite). So the only way I can save is via memory card im guessing?

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    You can still use Dios Mios, loading games from HDD, and still have an SD card in your system for the NMM data.

    But I've also not messed with NMM. I'm saving data to GC memory cards too.
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    It's alright i bought a memory card for dios mios. easier and cheap only 1 dollar on ebay :P. Thanks anyways.
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