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Thread: bootmii black screen issue

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    Bootmii black screen

    Hello, I tried to softmod a 4.2E wii using the guide: sotmod ANY Wii. I used the 4.0-4.2- Bannerbomb v2 method and installed HBC and Bootmii and then succesfully made a NAND backup.
    Now for chapter 2, I need to restart bootmii but it goes to black screen and the blue drive-light of the wii starts flashing. The wii still reboots fine but I cannot finish the hack.

    I tried looking for answers but could not find anything in relation to a black screen on loading bootmii, I found hackmii fix for black screen on hackmii. Is this the same issue or not?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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    This post makes no sense. You should post this in our guide rather than as a standalone thread. If you've successfully made a NAND backup, that completes your immediate at-hand need to access BootMii. Since your Wii can reboot fine, I fail to see why you can't continue the softmod... for what purpose do you need "to restart BootMii"?

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    The start of Chapter 2 is to format your SD card (after you've saved the NAND backup data). You no longer need bootmii. The next step is to install wads.
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    for some reason I thought of bootmii instead of hackmii during the process, realized my mistake now and was able to hack the wii succesfully. Thankx for responding, problem resolved.


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