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Thread: Connecting wii to "bt wifi with fon" connection help

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    Connecting wii to "bt wifi with fon" connection help


    So there's an unlimited wifi service from bt, that you can connect to via a hotspot, and log in using your bt internet details and get wifi from it.

    Luckily I live right by one of these hotspots, and use it to browse.

    The thing is, they work on a session basis, so you when your browser opens, a log on page is presented. The hotspots appear on the wii wifi list, and I can connect (since they are unsecured) but when the wii tests the connection, it fails since I can't log in. Is there any way to use the service with the wii? I tried opening the wii browser, but the settings were not saved due to the connection test failing.


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    Nope. The connection has to be a normal Wifi connection that doesn't require external authentication.
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