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Thread: Cannot get PAL game to work properly

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    Angry Cannot get PAL game to work properly

    So I just hacked my wii yesterday, so bear in mind that I'm a newbie. I have homebrew, iboot, priloade, geko IOS and gamma something.

    So yes I realize that my wii is ntsc-u and can't play pal games.

    So I used geko and the game plays in black and white when I don't force ntsc. When I force ntsc I get a green screen and I have to reboot my wii. I really want to play this game and just can't get it to work properly.

    Can anyone help?

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    play disc by apply NeoGamma. proceed game settings as required.
    otherwise, backup the game disc into usb flash memory and play it with CFG usbloader. proceed Game Settings as required.

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