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Thread: Help im a n00b

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    Help im a n00b

    I learnt how to hack an ipod and now i can do that in 5 minutes i catch on to the whole hacking business real quick but it takes a little getting used to in the beginning.

    I was able to get homebrew on my wii with
    Some other beginners stuff and i wanted to know if anyone can explain to me how exactly can i get burnt discs to play on my wii.

    I downloaded this raygamma or something like that but that didnt work

    Thanks so much for the help

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    Not all Wii consoles can read burned discs. Only those made prior to mid 2009 can. USB HDD loading is the way to go honestly. Make a post in the introduce yourself section of the site. You will receive a bunch of helpful links that will guide you in the right direction.


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