ok so you see i have a wii with system menu 4.1E i used to go online and play with frainds but 2 years i ago i bricked my wii and i got the black screen of death it was a full brick and i tried to fix it for so long untill i decided to bring it to a professional i dont know how he did it but he unbricked my wii but that is not the subject the thing is now every time i try to connect to the internet with my router its saying error code 52130 and i tried everything to fix it i came to nintendo's website and i tried to do what they told me to enter my ip eddress manualy and DNS and stuff and it didnt work i found more soloutions in the internet but non of tham are working i tried changing my router settings and i even got a new router with a diffrent service and its still not working so i hope i didnt tried all the ways possible already there has to be somthing i can do so can someone please tell me what can i do about it? i well realy i will appreciate it