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Thread: coords for ac:cf fountain?

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    coords for ac:cf fountain?

    i have searched the boards but could not find the coords for the fountain.. ive found the windmill and lighthouse coords but thats it.

    also i think i have a good idea of how to place them on my map, i will try later today... but, can there be more than 1 of each?

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    its RIGHT under the bus stop wait place -,_-,

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    since ive never had it before, how can i make it show up?

    also, how do i add light houses to my town?
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    no one else? im stumped damn

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    -,_-, just do it the easy way

    unlimited money + time mod

    donate 1 million, then talk to them, skip foward, till its added

    takes about 40 mins to do it that way, and 100% working and without fail


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