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Thread: Recovering unmodified Wii from system settings semi-brick

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    Recovering unmodified Wii from system settings semi-brick

    Hi All,

    I am having trouble with my Wii being unable to enter the system settings menu (black screen freeze, even in maintenance mode). I have never modded or softmodded it and it's been quite a while since I last used it. All of the data appears to be present and games seem to play, save, and load just fine. On occasion, the Wii sometimes locks up on the health warning screen (no Press A to continue and machine has to be powered off by holding the power button). I also have to manually power on the system -- the Wiimotes don't seem to do it anymore.

    I don't have any idea what version of the system software is on the Wii, but the most recent game I've played is Zelda: Skyward Sword.

    The perfectionist in me wants to fix it but the pragmatist says just leave it alone since it still (usually) boots and plays games.

    Is there a way to fix this without modding? Every thread I can find assumes the console is already modded or advises the user to mod the system. Or, should I just leave it alone?


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    There is no way to fix it without modding it or sending it to Nintendo. I would say doing a system format from the settings could possibly fix the issue, but that would be hard for you to do. Now it may be working now, but it is very possible that it could get worse. If you want my advice, I would softmod it. This would give you the tools to try and fix the issue, and give you a back door should the issue get worse. It you do softmod it, do the softmod any wii guide. Do the whole guide, chapter 1, 2, and 3, and in chapter 2 install the optional 4.1 system menu for your region. Most likely, doing this will fix your issue. If it does not fix your issue, there are other things to try, but you need to start with the softmod.
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    Mauifrog is the man when it comes to stuff like this. You should heed his advice.

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    Thanks, mauifrog. I guess I'll give it a shot and report back!

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    Well I finally got around to this. The softmod took fine, but it doesn't seem to have improved the situation much.

    There are still intermittent problems booting up (boot just goes to black screen and freezes -- no health warning). I can access the System Settings menu now once it boots -- so that's an improvement. Some further googling makes it seem like it could be a bad bluetooth or wifi module. I'm a little skeptical of that since the controllers work and it connects to the wifi network.

    This is a launch Wii so maybe it's time has just run out...

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    Following this method should fix any issues on your wii's nand. If that does not fix the issue, you probably have some intermittent hardware failure.
    Extract nand tools to your pc
    Load bootmii, make new nand backup
    Save nand.bin and key.bin in safe place
    Copy nand.bin and key.bin to nand tools folder
    Load ohneswanzenegger from pc
    Open nand.bin
    Format nand.bin
    Install system menu files 4.3 (u/e/j for your region)
    Let the files download and install to nand.bin
    Enter your wii serial number into setting.txt
    Check the nand.bin with nandbincheck from shell console
    nandbincheck nand.bin -all -v
    There should not be any major errors
    Copy the new nand.bin back to sd card
    Load bootmii and restore nand.bin
    This will give you a 100% fresh formated nand install, fixing any software issues. Also removes all data, savegames etc. Savegames can be extracted from your old nand.bin backup if needed. Shop purchases can be downloaded again.

    Quote Originally Posted by giantpune, post: 3465831, member: 173011
    This is a program called "ohneswanzenegger". It is a multi-platform PC program for creating, formatting, & writing to a nand.bin. It allows you to taylor-make a nand.bin on your PC and then install it with bootmii or a flash programmer. It accepts wads or downloads titles and full updates from NUS. It has been undergoing closed beta testing for the past month or so. During this time, not 1 single Wii was bricked, but I still highly recommend checking the contents of a nand.bin before installing it to a wii.

    screenshots running in ubuntu linux

    download titles from NUS
    download FULL updates from NUS
    cache downloaded files from NUS
    install wads
    bad block handling
    persistent settings
    writes files with correct permissions
    undetectable by nintendo's "pre-repair check" disc ( removes all traces of homebrew )
    generate a nand.bin from "scratch" ( this still requires that you know the bad blocks and have a copy of boot1 & 2 for this wii )
    **no korean or dev key support (yet).**

    -basic usage-
    1) start this program
    2) click the "local cache" button and select a location with decent read/write speeds and (up to) 1GB of free space
    3) MAKE A COPY of your nand.bin ( keep the original in a safe place )
    3) click "search" in this program and select THE COPY of your nand.bin
    4) click content->format and format this nand.bin
    5) install titles by doing one of the following...
    ........a) install a full update by typing "3.0u", "4.3j", "2.0e", or similar in the upper left line and pressing "get it"
    ........b) install a single titles from NUS by typing a 16 character TID in the upper left line ( and optionally the version number in the upper right ) and press "get it"
    ........c) click file->import wads and select 1 or more .wad files to install
    6) write a setting.txt ( content->setting.txt ). if you chose to install a full update in step #5, then this should automatically prompt you
    7) re-read all the text in the output window. anything in bold is an error and may result in a broken nand.bin.
    8) verify the contents of the nand.bin before even thinking about installing it.
    9) vote for me to win the homebrew bounty
    10) donate to my paypal - giantpune[at]gmail[dot]com
    11) (optional) if you want, you can delete the cached NUS files. or you can leave them there for later use

    This tool is not intended for people that dont understand basic principals about how the wii works. Please do not include it in any guide aimed at noobs, it was not written for them. Always make sure you verify the contents of a nand.bin after writing to it. Installing a borked nand.bin can very easily brick your wii.

    windows r70 package...
    windows r85 exe( still needs the dlls from the above link )...
    windows package r106
    linux and mac can build it from source code...

    Quote Originally Posted by streamlinehd View Post
    I've had a few requests for a guide on how to use ohneswanzenegger to format a Wii nand so here it is. To use this guide you must have an existing backup of your nand and access to Bootmii or a nand programmer such as Infectus or Progskeet. This guide is for people who have a semi-brick or full brick due to an error on the nand that cannot be corrected by reinstalling the system menu (such as a bad block in the system menu sector, etc.). The steps are very simple and you shouldn't have any problems formatting and restoring your nand so long as you follow the steps in this tutorial. We will first completely format the nand and then we will install your desired system menu along with all stock IOS and channels for that particular menu.

    1. Download ohneswanzenegger and extract contents to easy accessible location (such as your desktop).

    2. Make a new folder on your desktop (e.g. C:\Users\streamlinehd\Desktop\nand) and inside that folder make another new folder for your copy (e.g. C:\Users\streamlinehd\nand\copy\).

    3. Put your current nand backup and keys (nand.bin, keys.bin) in the nand folder and make a copy of each in the copy folder (do not touch this copy as you will need it in the event something goes wrong).

    4. Open ohneswanzenegger and follow these steps:

    a. Click the local cache button and set the working location to somewhere on your local HDD with at least 1GB of space.
    b. Click the search button and navigate to the folder containing your nand.bin and choose to open it. You should now see the set path appear in the output window (e.g. Set path to nand as C:/Users/Streamlinehd/Desktop/nand/nand.bin).
    c. Click content -> Format and let the format process complete.
    d. Install your desired system menu and all stock IOS/Channels by typing the system menu version and region in the search bar (e.g. 4.1u, 4.1j, 4.1e, etc.) and hitting the get it button. I recommend installing system menu 4.1 for your region however you can choose the system menu you like.

    5. Wait for all titles to download and install to the nand. This can take some time initially because the needed titles have to download from NUS.

    6. After all titles have finished downloading and installing you will have the option to use a generic setting.txt (default) or you can enter your Wii's serial number (recommended). You should be able to leave the other settings in setting.txt as is but double check to make sure all the region fields are correct.

    7. Read all text in ohneswanzenegger's output window and make sure there are no errors. Errors will be in bold and if you find any you should correct them before continuing...

    8. (optional -this step may not be needed) Once all titles are downloaded and installed you should append the keys to the new nand.bin or else you may receive an error in Bootmii saying the nand is from a different Wii. You can get past this with a GameCube controller by using the Konami code (u,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,b,a) or you can use Nand Flash Toolz to append the keys.

    a. If using Wii Flash Toolz to append keys you will simply need to launch Wii Flash Toolz and open the nand.bin we just made as the source file.
    b. Then go to the bottom of Wii Flash Toolz and open your keys.bin.
    c. Once both files are open click the append keys button and you will get a message stating the keys were successfully appended.

    9. Now put the new nand.bin and existing keys.bin on the root of your sd card (e.g. SD:\nand.bin, SD:\keys.bin) and insert SD card in Wii.

    10. Launch Bootmii and choose to restore nand from SD card.

    11. Once Bootmii restore has completed, reset your wii and wait about 30 seconds for the initial setup screen to appear. Complete your time, date, location, settings and you should be greeted by the main menu in working order.

    Big Thanks to giantpune for creating ohneswanzenegger!
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