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Thread: Bricked Wii, not sure...

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    Bricked Wii, not sure...

    I was playing Mario Kart on my wii one night, and when i finished i turned my wii off as usual. the next day when i tried to turn it on, i just got a black screen, and can't sync my remotes. I have read on the internet, that this may be caused by a problem with the adapter, or something like that, and that I'm just supposed to unplug it and all, but it's still not working. I'm not sure if it's actually bricked, so i don't know where to look for help. i have homebrew, and I have DriveKey, but i have never been on the internet with my wii.

    Please help me guys, i really miss playing it :/

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    Silly question: when you're eyeballing the Wii, is the power button solid red or does the Wii appear dead? Black screen suggests you've successfully turned it on, but then you mention the power adapter. You must unplug it BOTH from the Wii and from the wall. Wait 5 minutes. Plug it back in. That's only if the Wii is perceived as dead/no power. Power and black screen, that's another issue entirely. Which is it?

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    It has the red light on when its off. The led light on the wii turns green when i power it on. I have kept the adapter unplugged from the wii and from the socket for over a month now.

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    Hit the power button to turn it on, and IMMEDIATELY HOLD DOWN the reset button and don't let it go. After several seconds.... does Priiloader come up? Also, does the wiimote turn the Wii off or on?

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    No, priiloader doesn't show up, but i know i have it on my sd card. i just never installed it. :P And no, the remote doesn't power on or off the console...

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    You never installed it? Our guides (which obviously you didn't follow --- yet came here in an attempt to task us to fix it) have you install this for a reason. So whatever FAILGUIDE you followed... did it bother to have you install BootMii? And if so, is your unit old enough that it has it as boot2 or IOS only? Blue tooth module might be bad since your Wiimote doesn't turn it off or on. Mauifrog's the best at this stuff; just asking some groundwork questions so that he may have all information available.

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    i had a bunch of stuff installed, but i can't recall all of it. I probably have BootMii. I don't know if it has boot2 or ISO. sorry, im not quite the hacker :/

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    ok, I'm sorry for that :/ but anyway, what should i do? is there anything that i can?

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    How old is your Wii? It'd have to be what... 5 years old prolly to have boot2? If you turn the Wii on and you have boot2, the blue LED will flash twice in quick succession. If it's only once, then you either don't have bootmii installed or it's as IOS only. Do you recall what System Menu version and region your Wii is? Again, I'm asking some basic things so that by the time mauifrog can eyeball this thread, a lot of what he'd likely need to know is already here.

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