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Thread: Wiiflow 4.nn

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    Ca Wiiflow 4.nn

    Well it's been a while since I've been here, mostly due to the fact that the excellent help softmodding didn't really require me to visit so much

    Well I had to Softmod another Wii this weekend, and that went fine. The issue I'm having is with the new(er) version of WiiFlow.

    Previously I had used an older version and somehow I think had it set to load WiiFlow from a (FAT32) HDD partition, with the games on a different (NTFS) HDD partition.

    I think.

    I don't have access to that system anymore... long story... so I can't go back and check my work...LOL

    I have Wiiflow setup to load from my Fat32 partition again (600 MB) and even went as far as doing the NAND extract through Wiiflow.

    This is werew I get stuck. I don't recall doing the NAND thing with the earlier version of WiiFlow, nor do I understand WHY I need to do it now. At any rate I did it, but the only "games" that come up are "The Forecast Channel" and stuff like that. Clearly Wiiflow is looking in the wrong place, or I have HDD partitions messed up some how. It must be something very simple... I'm just not seeing it.

    I would love to go back to WiiFlow 2.xx since taht's what was working before, but having trouble finding it. truth be told haven't looked that hard for it Figured someone would be able to see my mistake and be happy to point it out to me....LOL.

    Oh, My Wii is System 4.3U.


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    Dang, you'd think we'd have a guide for that or something; you know, where one could follow it and then ask questions should it not answer them.

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    yes I saw and read the guide; it referrs to installing Wiiflow on an SD card, which is not how I had previously done it - and I was trying to have it load from the HDD. Maybe I am over thinking this...the guide only indicates 1 partition and FAT32, that could be my issue ( and the fact the games are on the 2nd partition (NTFS) under the WBFS dir.

    I dont recall if there was an issue with 1TB drives under FAT32 or not...

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    Errr... mixed partitions and loaders usually don't play well. The fact that guide mentions SD is immaterial. It works on USB HD, you'd simply have to change the pathing. If you're aware of the guide, I don't see why you didn't post this in the guide?

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    Just an FYI, dumping the NAND has nothing to do with playing your regular Wii games. Unless you plan on using NAND emulation you don't need it (if you dont know what that is, then point proven).

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    A bit more playing around and it is working albiet not quite how I wanted...but hey...I'll take it. Created a SINGLE NTFS partition with a DIR named WBFS. All good. HBC of course can't load Wiiflow from NTFS partition so it's back to SD card. At least it works now. Now to back up my other titles.

    Don't need game manager or anything like that...

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    So what's wrong with a single FAT32 partition (which is directly supported via read/write on the Wii)?

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    Nothing, if it would work. I thought there was an issue with drives over a certain size under FAT32. Is 1TB supported under FAT32? I thought the max was 32GB...

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    My 1.5TB hard drive works just fine under FAT32. Windows won't format drives that large, but we don't suggest formatting using Windows' native formatter.

    There's a guide for that. See my signature.
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    We have a USB Compatibility Guide that's directly linked (last I knew) in the Softmod ANY Wii guide... consulting that, the answer to your question should be obvious.

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