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Thread: Wii Not Reading Disc + Stripped Tri Wing

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    Wii Not Reading Disc + Stripped Tri Wing

    The other day I was playing Pandora's Tower when the Wii randomly stopped reading the disc for seemingly no reason. It was in the middle of play when it just stopped and displayed an error. I tried Pandora's Tower again three times and it would never read again. I continued to try with all of my Wii games and none would read. Everything else still works fine, but once I press "play" in the disc channel, it will remind me to have my controllers properly strapped on, then cease to work. It also makes an odd rhythmic clicking sound as if it's trying to read, but then pops up the disc read error message.

    How can I fix it so that my Wii can read discs again? I have not purchased a lens cleaning disc yet as I don't know if it'll be worth the risk. I tried spraying compressed air into the system and that didn't work.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Additionally, when I tried to open my Wii today, one of the tri-wing screws is stripped. Any idea on how to remove it in case I need to?
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