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Thread: Help Needed with flashdrive/exHDD

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    Help Needed with flashdrive/exHDD

    Ok so I have softmodded my WiiU vwii section and now it is playing my retail games from my Flashdrive. The issue I am having now is everytime I want to add a new game to my flashdrive to play I connect it to my laptop and it says it must be formatted in order to use it. So basically what I do is reformat it put all the games I had on it and add the new ones. My question is:
    Is there a way to just add the games to my flashdrive without having to reformat it EVERYTIME I want to add a new game to it. I apologize if my question isnt very clear or my issue im having isnt clear. If need be I will try and ask it another way if I have to. Thank you in advance for all the help.

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    Sounds like (for some reason) you went with WBFS rather than FAT32. Would that be correct?

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    Yes as that was my understanding of how to the wii part on the wiiu would read the games. So all I should do is just reformat my sd card to fat32 and that will allow me to just add the iso and the wfbs or whatever format that is to my sd card and just play em that way?


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