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Thread: "Disc_Wait failed" in WiiFlow when trying to boot GC ISO off USB

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    "Disc_Wait failed" in WiiFlow when trying to boot GC ISO off USB

    Hi guys, I installed DIOS MIO and WiiFlow last night (on top of a pre-existing softmod setup). To test my installation, last night I ran my Animal Crossing ISO off my USB, and everything loaded fine. Then today, I was setting up more ISOs but now when I boot up my Wii, enter home-brew channel, open WiiFlow, and navigate to the GameCube area, the system tells me "I have not found any games. Click install to install games, or select part ion to select your partition type". I follow the instructions, and attempt to install game via USB1 partition, and once I click "Go" the screen hangs and ultimately boots me to an error screen where "Disc_Wait failed" is displayed.

    My first guess would be that maybe something of my old soft mod setup is out of date, but before I scrap everything and start over from scratch I wanted to make sure that there wasn't some easy answer/solution to my issue.

    If you need more information, please let me know, and thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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    1. Did you follow a wiihacks softmod guide?
    2. Did you follow a wiihacks Game Cube/DIOS MIOS guide?
    3. Did you follow the wiihacks FAT32 USB HD guide?
    4. If not, then do so;
    5. If still issues, your inquiry (only after reading and following BOTH) go --- you guessed it --- in the (DIOS MIOS) guide.


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