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Thread: wiiengine won't load games from usb

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    wiiengine won't load games from usb

    Sorry for posting about this in an old thread; I decided maybe a fresh one was in order. I have wiiengine running turbocd games just fine from the sd card. My problem is that the emulator doesn't give me the option to load games from usb even though i have cios 202 installed. I read in another forum post elsewhere that I needed to copy the apps/wiiengine and roms/pcengine folders to the usb hdd as well. I did this and the emulator throws up an error and returns me to the hbc. I just can't fit all these games on my itty-bitty sd card and I know that this thing loads from usb somehow. Perhaps the roms need to be on the first (FAT32) partition? Any ideas?
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    Been doing some real research and testing regarding this emulator, and I can see that after a week+ there are more views here than ideas. So might I suggest something to everyone interested in wiiengine... load from SD it just works. PM me if anyone has problems making those .toc files work I've become quite good at making them

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    maybe it have another plugin to load the games from usb
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