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Thread: Fixing Wii not Accepting/Rejecting/Spinning discs

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    Fixing Wii not Accepting/Rejecting/Spinning discs

    Hi everyone!

    The problem is that I'm having a wii which is brought back from US (yes, I'm not living in US or Europe). In fact, in my country, I can't find an official office of Nitendo (and the warranty is definitely over cause I had it sometimes in 2009 or 2010) nor anyone who can fix the wii console for me. So I decided to try to look into this on my own.

    The problem appears to be that my Wii console simply not accept disc when I put the disc in (It does not .... "eat" or automatically take the disc in when you have pushed the disc for like half way in like it used to) and also it does not react at all when I press the button reject on the case. Seems to me, the cd drive does not work for some reasons (no power? ... I don't know).

    I did quite a research on the internet on the matter. The most popular answer is that one of the 2 "N" fuse might have been blown. This is, for sure, not my case because I've checked them using the multimeter. I'm sure there's no problem with my 2 fuses. Also, when I was searching for solution about this, I came across people who claim to have experienced some sort of the same issue.

    But most of them said they had problem with the discs not being read (the disc was still being sucked in) or they only had problem with rejecting the disc. My problem is that the dvd drive simply "doesn't show any sign of life" It does not work at all (including not sucking discs, not rejecting discs, not spinning discs and of course not reading discs) And there were no light at the dvd slot when I turned the wii on (I thought there should be some sort of blue light or sth...).

    I can't afford to buy another whole wii drive (and I don't think somebody might be selling it at my place). I'm hoping you can point out what's wrong with my wii and maybe tell me how to fix it (I hope I can replace some part of the wii drive).

    But for sure, I'm not willing to pay for a whole new drive or even a whole new wii. Just can't afford it. I will be very grateful if anyone can help me with this. I'm having days-off now and I really want play the wii. Thanks for paying time reading this long long message .


    PS: I'm sorry if you have trouble reading/understanding this message. I'm still working alot on English since it's not my mother tongue.

    One more thing: When I tried to actually open the dvd drive (yes, I opened the wii dvd drive) .... later, I found out a part that seem to have fallen from ...some where.
    Here's the pic of it (both sides):DSC09154.jpgDSC09156.jpg

    And I have no clue where it came from. If you have any idea where this piece should be, please help me with it. I just want to fix the wii, not making it worse.

    Thanks again

    Here is some pics of my disassembled wii. I hope it will help you in ...helping me
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    Wow, what an awesome wall of text. I will edit it and move into a more suitable location with a redirect.

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    Sounds like the drive board is completely dead. Sorry I dont have better news for you. Drive boards themselves are much less expensive than a whole drive though, if that's any consolation.

    As far as that part that fell out, refer to the image below. The red arrow shows where it goes.

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    Wow, what an awesome wall of text. I will edit it and move into a more suitable location with a redirect.
    sorry, didn't mean to mess up your forum. Just move it where you think suitable. THanks

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    I already did prior to your reply. C.J.'s reply above relates to your question of the piece.

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