I'm using wiiflow 4.1 that I downloaded from the main page of this site, and for the most part it works well however I can't seem to be able to rip games from the disc, is this even possible on the vwii? Also when I install more games manually using my computer sometimes the games don't show up and I have to remove them all from the hdd and put them back on for it to show up on wiiflow. Finally, I can't seem to get harvest moon tree of tranquility to run at all, the game will show up on coverflow (there is no preview for the game) and once I launch it I'll get to the splash screen for the game but it will freeze. All games work on IOS 251 with the exception being harvest moon (still get the splash screen/title but that's it).

am I missing something? is there any other iso loaders I should try?

help would be greatly appreciated.