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Thread: Need help with USB loader settings :(

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    Us Need help with USB loader settings :(

    Hello there,
    I've only been hacking my Wii for a few weeks now. I did all my own research before coming here for help,
    read guide after guide, page after page and I can't seem to grasp what I am doing wrong.
    I have a softmodded wii, with HBC, my Wii is currently at 4.3 IT IS A BLACK WII though I downgraded once to 4.1 and went back again.
    I'm trying different loaders with a WBFS formatted SanDisk jump drive. The ISO I'm trying to load is Mario and Sonic London Olympics?
    I see the opening image/intro with music, then I press start and I get just a white screen on all loaders.
    I have no idea if I have all the loader settings correct.
    I own the game and when I try to play the disc on the disc channel I get the error 002.
    Disc on a loader it will play until the load screen after player select and then I get a disc read error.
    Which is why I made the backup to begin with.
    I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate any help with this.
    Perhaps I need some other IOS installed?
    I am lost and I hate asking for help, but I need it

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    Sounds like an out of date softmod. Please look to my reply to you in the Intro thread. Follow the "Softmod ANY Wii" from beginning to end. It'll overwrite your existing softmod.

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    Yes, I would, but that's the guide I started with. I did it again though, a few days ago to be sure.

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    Post a system check

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