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Thread: Opening games in WBFS

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    Opening games in WBFS

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help here. I have a soft mod on my wii, the homebrew channel and the usb loader gx. I'm all set up in that directory. I'm just having problems opening up the game file. I download it from a site into U torrent, and its an ISO file. Everytime I click on it it says 'the archive is either unknown format or damaged'
    I've followed all the tutorials and guides to a T and I'm not sure why this is doing it. Same goes for when I try to open it in the WBFS Manager. A little help would be lovely!

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    You're not going to get any help with this, this site doesn't support piracy. Please go buy your games and then rip them.

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    As stated, piracy is not supported. If you do own the game then I suggest ripping it with USB Loader GX, it will install into the correct directories and formats automatically. With that I close this thread and ask you to please read and understand the rules you agreed to when joining this forum.

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