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Thread: Nintendo Shuts Down Wii U Online Services to Upgrade Features

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    Nintendo Shuts Down Wii U Online Services to Upgrade Features

    Nintendo Shuts Down Wii U Online Services to Upgrade Features

    Temporary outage to strengthen stability planned

    Article written by Tynan Muddle from Aussie-Gamer

    Nintendo Wii U owners will experience a period of planned downtime tomorrow while the publisher readies the console for a major update.

    From 6am Australian Eastern Standard Time to midday (AEST) on April 23, 2013, Nintendo will be conducting maintenance on their servers which will affect all stores in the Nintendo family of video game consoles.
    Services affected are;

    • Nintendo Wii U eShop
    • Nintendo Wii Shopping Channel
    • Nintendo 3DS eShop
    • Nintendo DSi Shop

    Nintendo will then presumably release the Wii U Update which is a major overhaul of some system processes, and adds new features to the console.

    One new feature is the Virtual Console service which allows players to purchase and download video game titles from past consoles, including Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and others. This is similar to the system that debuted on Wii, however it allows players to save their game at any time.

    Nintendo are also promising an speed-up of load times when switching between a game and the Home Menu to access services such as Miiverse and the eShop. It will also be quicker to close software once the user is finished. A second update launching later this year will speed up the load times of booting up software. That is due to hit Australian consoles in the Spring.

    Other features include automatic installation of game software once downloaded, as well as the ability for the Wii U console to download and install titles even when the system is turned off.


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    Hmmm...glad Ive held off modding my vWii. Interested to see if this affects a modded vWii?
    thanks for the info mate.

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    Things off the top of my head that Nintendo did mention last week that is part of this update is:

    - Speed up boot time and returning to Wii Menu from within a game by about a third.
    - Pressing "B" while booting will boot directly into Wii Mode.
    - Downloading of software can happen in the background while you are playing other games.
    - A new idle mode similar to Wii's that will allow downloads and installs to take place while the system is "off".

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