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Thread: Making sure I understand flash card on the 3DS correctly

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    Making sure I understand flash card on the 3DS correctly


    Thanks for checking my thread.

    I did some reading on these forums, and I just want to make sure I understand this correctly: 3DS flash carts (such as the R4i Gold 3DS Flash Card) can be used on the 3DS/3DSXL to play DS games, and not 3DS games (since the 3DS hasn't been hacked).


    I ask this because I'm going to buy a 3DS XL, and wanted to trade in my original DS, which I use with my original R4 that I bought back in 2008 while living in Japan. The current R4 that I have can't be read by my original 3DS, so I wanted to upgrade to a flash card that could play DS games on the 3DSXL.

    A follow-up question would be, which card would one recommend for my situation? I've narrowed it down to the R4i Gold 3DS Flash Card, but I see there is a "Wood" one and a "Gold Pro" one among others, which I haven't been able to discern if one is different/better than the other.

    Any help, much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Yes, they can play normal DS games on the 3DS, and as for the followup question, I'm not exactly sure, but be careful where you order them from and what card you order, there are plenty of fakes / clones out there.

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    I have heard good things about R4 cards, however, you should keep in mind that if you have a DSi or 3DS and wish to rip and emulate your GBA games that currently is not possible on many cards. At this time only a handful of DS flash cards can handle this. Right now from the reading I've done the Supercard DSTwo is the most recommend card for DS/DSi/3DS. So you may want to check out several different cards.

    I can also recommend the AceKard 2i, it is a very reliable card despite being somewhat limited in comparison to newer cards.

    Also for places to but check out Real Hot Stuff, I've ordered from them before (to get my AceKard 2i and EZ Flash 3in1) and they're good. Shipped quick and it appears my card is authentic.

    Edit: another option is to wait for a card that can load 3DS roms.

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    that's true, the R4i Gold 3DS and other Flash Cards will work with ONLY DS/i games, NOT 3DS titles
    but r4i gold 3ds card is currently the best available solution right now.
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    Yeah, currently all the 3ds flashcarts will only play DS games for now. And currently the best flashcarts for your 3DS XL are either supercard dstwo or r4i gold 3ds cart. supercard dstwo card is the best and can provide extra features, and it is also very expensive for its features, if you do not need those features, the just go for a r4i gold 3ds card, this card is a very good cart and always upgradable for the future 3ds firmware update. the r4i gold 3ds should be this one : it is the wood one.. r4i gold pro is also working for the 3ds xl, but this card updates slower. so just choose r4i gold 3ds. And another, do not buy acekard 2i, this card has stopped updating for long time, if you buy this card for ds lite, i can understand, but if for dsi, 3ds or 3ds xl, ak2i can not work on it and even will never work on it.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    Thanks, all, for the suggestions.

    I purchased one!


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