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Thread: SaveMii/Frii Information Archive. Let's try this one more time...

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    SaveMii/Frii Information Archive. Let's try this one more time...


    I have created this thread with the intention of gathering information for the SaveMii option. Essentially this is an effort to compose a study on the topic through the archiving various resources that could contribute to a suitable understanding of the unbricking alternative.

    Hopefully, after thumbing through this compilation or the result of what I would like to be a 'compilation', the user would be able to answer for themselves the questions of What SaveMii is, what it does, and what its benefits are should they decide to make use of it. By virtue, the culimination of resources and information that would be contributed to the study might introduce a sense of context for whoever decides to utilize the SaveMii option. As of 2013 is SaveMii still a useful alternative or should I research newer, more efficient means to unbricking my console? Again, virtually you should be able to answer this question if the information obtained here is relevant to your issue.

    Of course there's another personal motive that I've vested in creating this thread. I have had a hard time understanding the utility in SaveMiiFrii as an option of Recovering a console. By that roadmap, I thought it to be wise to attempt those options currently available to me; well as a way to gain useful insight to be geared towards more robust/complex methods and procedures.

    Anyhow, as SaveMiiFrii seems to be an extension of SaveMii, I figured that it would be pertainent to understand the whole history of the unbricking procedure, instead of a single aspect. Perhaps as a result of getting to that answer, the study could be a benefit someone else.

    I will be appending information to the opening post as articles come to me. Meaning articles I've researched of ones that have been shared with me.


    What is it?

    Paraphrased directly from the source, SaveMii is a device that initiates close to the Wii's boot cycle. When you power the system on, the console goes through a series of configured checks as device components receive power throughout the console (Drives, I/O Buffers, Expansion modules, etc). The developers of SaveMii created a Dongle that interacts with the system checks which achieves a way to "mimick a test interface" already present in the configuration. Some devices interact with the CD/DVD interface others with the expansion (external memory units) modules. These devices cause the console to skip certain parts of its coding that allows the Wii to behave like a Wii, at least out of the box. From what I can muster, a pre-existing condition from the official coding gives way to implementing System Updates; ones that have been installed to seasonal video game releases. As newer games are introduced to the market, often times Nintendo introduces a firmware update to ensure compatibility with the Wii. When Nintendo releases content in this fashion, these discs are configured to autoboot to install system updates. They're automated to run before the actual game, hence the term "autoboot discs".

    It is from here that you can ensure the patching of official content (or official coding) from a runtime environment and this is achieved through SaveMii devices.
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