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Thread: Some Issues With Newly Softmodded Wii, Please Help!

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    Exclamation Some Issues With Newly Softmodded Wii, Please Help!

    I have an older white Wii with GC slots & such running 4.3u. I recently installed the homebrew channel, bootmii, & priiloader, all newest versions as far as I can tell. I followed the tutorial on this site and everything seems to be ok, I installed a couple VC wads and some other homebrews. A couple of issues have arisen though, one might be pretty major:

    1. The minor issue is that when I turn my wii on, it starts up with bootmii and I have to tap reset to get to the wii's main menu. I have it set in priiloader to autoboot to the system menu but that doesn't seem to work. How can I set things to have the wii boot to directly to the system menu and not bootmii?

    2. Now the major issue, which I have encountered twice now: I have Snes9x-GX installed and I've been playing Terranigma on it, that's the only ROM I have on there right now. After playing Snes9xGX for a while the wii completely shuts off, the LED on the front isn't lit up at all, 100% dead. After unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in the wii can turn back on and everything is fine. (The first time I thought my wii might have bricked, but I guess it's not.) Both times this happened I had to leave the wii idle for a little bit, with the game paused. Is there some kind of sleep function set incorrectly here?

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    To your first question, rename your bootmii folder on your SD card to bootmii_s and it will startup just fine and for the second one it almost seems that your power source maybe going bad, but I am not sure. Maybe someone else can shed some light on it.

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    Fixed the issue with bootmii, but the issue with the wii shutting off dead until I re-plug the power cord happened a 3rd time.

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    It may be the power circuit protection built into those cheapy power supplies. Usually in my case, the Wii will not be on; you come to play it, and it's DEAD. Unplugging from both the wall and the unit itself for 5 minutes fixes the issue. Myself, admittedly this hasn't happened while actually PLAYING IT. So don't take that as gospel that means necessarily the same thing.

    BootMii doing that... typically that's on a boot2 install (yours an older Wii that was updated to 4.3?) Just curious if it's installed via boot2.

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    Yes it's installed as boot2. I've had my wii for a while. Old white one with all the GC ports. It didn't even come with the rubber wiimote covers. I updated it to 4.3u though. I fixed the bootmii issue as suggested by toby1978. Just having the issue with the wii dying. It always happens when I pause the game and walk away for like 10 min or so. That's why I'm wondering if there's some kind of sleep mode thing set wrong.

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    I just took my wii over to my friend's house and used all of his wires, and it happened again. So I guess that confirms the problem isn't my power brick/cord. I'll post a syscheck log later. What could be causing this????? Clearly it's something to do with the softmodding. Not sure what I did wrong. Could it be a problem with the SD card? All apps have beeen running from the DS card I think.

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    What are you using, obviously USB if you mention a ROM. Some USB HD combos have a built in "sleep timer." On a normal PC, there's a connected wire that continuously polls the drive and interface to make sure activity is going on; if a period of time in which no activity is recorded, it will power-down itself (energy-saving measure).

    On the Wii, that same wire is a NC (no connect) on the Wii side. In other words, since the polling/measuring device isn't supported on the Wii, a device can power itself down after a period of time. Western Digital has this feature the most, but others do as well.

    You can generally (on the PC side) access it via software from the manufacturer's site and either disable it (so it doesn't go to sleep) or maximize the timer. What's the make/model of your device?

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    My wii is a model # RVL-001 white wii with all the GC ports. The SD card which has my apps/homebrew & roms on it is a Kodak 2GB SD card (not SDHC.) The USB thumbdrive that has the wbfs wii backup I was trying to play today at my friend's house is a 8GB Sandisk Cruzer model SDCZ36E-008G. I can also tell you that when bootmii was doing the system scan it does when backing up the NAND, it only found maybe 5 bad sectors.

    Once again, when we're playing a game for a little while, the system will shut COMPLETELY off DEAD. No LEDs lit on the front of the system AT ALL. I have to unplug the power cord and plug it back into the back of the system to get it to turn back on, but when I turn it right back on it won't stay on as long before dying again. If I leave the system off for a while it will be fine, and if I'm not playing on it the red LED on the front will always be on.
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    Post a SysCheck as a reply to this thread. Use the version and instructions found HERE.

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    Here's the syscheck log:


    I ran syscheck with both the SD card (obviously) and the USB thumbdrive connected.

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