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Thread: NeoGeo CD Wii v0.5 won't start

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    NeoGeo CD Wii v0.5 won't start

    I notice no one really posts about this emulator it's usually GXGEO. This being said I have 2 questions. 1: Is this emulator worth trying to get to work or should I switch? 2: If it is worth saving where do I put the ding-dang Neo Geo CD/Z bios file? I've made a BIOS folder in the root of my SD and put it there; I moved that folder into the NeoCD folder; and I also put it in the NeoCD folder by itself... none of which yielded more than a black screen. The emulator only even gave me the message " No BIOS found" the first time i turned it on. If anyone knows about this emulator help would be much apprerciated.

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    I'll have a look a round and test it out.

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    EDIT: I just tried it and it loaded with no problems.

    Make sure you have it set up right......




    Also make sure to run these........(NeoCD.bin md5 f39572af7584cb5b3f70ae8cc848aba2 crc32 df9de490,

    NeoCD.bin md5 11526d58d4c524daef7d5d677dc6b004 crc32 33697892 ) against the bios file you downloaded, they must match or it will possibly fail to load.

    • This how to check if they match Go and download MD5 Check.
    • Extract it and open it up.
    • Now browse to the Bios file you downloaded and hit the open button.
    • Now copy and paste both of them in the bottom box (One At A Time) to check if the Hashes match, where it says something like ....Compare etc.
    • Or you could just compare them by eye.
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    may have gotten a different bios file mine was the NEOCD/Z and i do not have a boot.dol file that i'm aware of unless it downloaded with the emulator which it seems like it should have... i may just be using the wrong files... i'll do some more work on this... thanks for the help

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    Have A look at this thread....NeoGeo CD Emulator Guide..

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    Thanks so much for the guide and the advice... as it turns out the bios file i have has a matching md5sum to the first one you mentioned... i do not have the second one and I'm wondering if i need both bios files in the folder... is one the bios for the cartidge system?

    actually disregard what i just said... it works and you have my thanks
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