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Thread: Project M / Riivolution help?

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    Project M / Riivolution help?

    For some reason, I cannot get Riivolution or Project M to work. I've tried what seems to be everything.

    I have USB Loader GX, CFG, and Wii Flow. I enable ocarina and it loads into project M, but only... 1/2 way. Menus aren't changed, and everything freezes at the beginning of a fight.

    Same when I use my brawl disc and launch via gecko (via HBC, per the Project M download/instructions). Menus aren't changed, everything freezes at beginning of a fight.

    I can launch Brawl from a loader with no patches just fine, as I can a disc.

    Also, I tried using the Riivolution method, but Riivolution 1.04 freezes when I launch it from HBC.

    Every other game on my hard disc works. This is the only issue...


    Thanks in advance!

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    Riivolution requires the original disc in order to work properly, you cannot use Riivolution with a USB loaded game.

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    I have the original disc. Riivolution freezes (black screen) when I launch it from HBC


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