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Thread: Problem with DVD?

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    Problem with DVD?

    First off, I'm new to the forums, so if i posted incorrectly, whooops .

    Ok, so i tried to play Mario Strikers Charged on my Twilight Hacked Wii, but when it boots up, it is in black and white and the screen is constantly moving up and down. I went to the Gamma Channel and rebooted the game and now the moving screen stopped, but it's still in black and white. Now sure how to fix it to where its colored. I'm using Magnavox DVD-R.

    Any help appreciated

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    So it's reading your normal DVD's fine, but when you try and play the backup it messes up right?

    It looks to me if your wii is trying to play it in the wrong regional format.

    If your in USA, force it to run in NTSC.
    If your in UK, force it to run in PAL.

    It might not be the solution, but i had similar problems with my PS2

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    ^ that is what you do in gecko os

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    Uhh, so what exactly do i do?

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    force settings in gecko os...

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    I so knew that...


    Got it to work. I went through the gamma channel and went to the menu, then i clicked force NTSC, then launch game. worked perfectly, thanks!
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    Glad you got it working


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