Hi Chaps.....

I really wasn't too sure where to post this..... But seeing as it's a game type question I thought here would be the best place.

This is more of a request for my 7yo, who has managed to get to what seems like the very last level, the "Air Tournament"....... this is where I seem to have a problem, every single level loads perfectly, either from DVD or from HD, both US & GB versions do the same thing, "when you go to load the "Air level" ringed in picture, the game goes to load and then just locks up.
I fully understand that to most this isn't the greatest game in the world (I've chosen my words carefully there) but to a 7yo it's like the end of the world.

I just wondered If there was anyone at all out there that may have possibly played this game up to the same point and did they get to play the last level (I'm assuming this is the last level).

Wii is a v4.1 using cfg v7.0. all other title play fine, and wii is up to date. bootmii is installed as boot2 and pri is also installed to block updates and a couple of other things.


Any help would be really appreciated, cos at this point I have run out of ideas, Google didn't help either, So either my boy is the only person on the planet who has actually played it to the end of there's another problem.

Thanks for reading chaps....