Hey Wiihacks! So I extracted my Wii's nand with bootmii, used WiiQt to turn my nand.bin into the proper format, then followed ModMii's guide to getting UNEEK set up. The good news is, UNEEK boots fine and works great with a few of my virtual console channels.

The problem is, many of my virtual console games either freeze at the "You will need the Classic Controller" screen, or just show a spinning N64 logo for 15+ minutes before loading.

However, I've noticed a pattern with the working and the not working games while looking at my nand in ShowMiiWads, which I compiled into an image:
The not working games aren't recognized as N64 games, have strange version numbers and use different IOSs than my working ones. Has anyone experienced this problem or know what I should try next to fix it? Thanks!