it has probably been discussed many times but i can't get around my problem.

i've read multiple tutorials here and elsewhere but i can't get sneek to work from a sd card only (no usb).

i've tested different configurations from modmii or sneekinstaller but nothing will start my nand unless i put it on an usb fat32.
i'd like to get my nand emu to run from my sd card only as i don't have any fat32 partitions on my external usb hdd.

it seems that no matter what modmii says, when you choose sneek (s=sd card right ?) it builds a uneek (usb) version with neek2o.

i've tried to boot from neek2o and bootmii but nothing works.

with neek2o what i usually get is that the first black screen with text lines hangs forever.
I'm a bit suspicious that neek2o always shows a line having "usb mount", is it required with sneek too ?
anyways the bootmii boot will fail too, i usually don't even get any video output, the wii won't boot..

So if you could point me to a valid sneek sd card install, it would be much appreciated, possibly with neek2o as i don't really want to use bootmii.