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Thread: Crash of the Titans

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    Crash of the Titans

    I have had some real good success so far, including games that are "problem games" (shaun white, rock band 2, NFS, etc.). My problem is with a game that is not even listed in the "problem games" thread, it is Crash of the titans. It loads up in the wii menu and I can select it but once I hit start game it goes to a black screen as though loading and stays there forever. Any ideas?



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    Maybe the brand of DVD you are using isn't working for the game. Try going to the Gamma Channel, then start the game. When the screen turns black to load, constantly press 1 until a menu pops up. After that press B to reboot the game. Then after that load it normally through the disk loader as a real game.

    Hope that helps

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    if youre using gamma make sure it works
    if youre using a chip reburn
    if youre using gamma and it works, reburn
    if that fails get a new copy

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    I reburned and it was a no go but that is okay because I decided to skip this game. I looked at the gameplay vids on gamespot and decided I would get bored to death with this game.




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