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Thread: Previously recognized external HDD is no longer

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    Previously recognized external HDD is no longer

    In short, the HDD that was working fine with our Wii is no longer being recognized.

    The Wii:
    -Ver. 4.3U
    -Is softmodded using Mauifrog's awesome guide (about 2 weeks ago)
    -I'm sorry...I don't know the cios version, nor do I know how to check.

    The External HDD:
    - 250Gb toshiba MK2556GSY
    - Is from a not so old, yet otherwise broken, laptop
    - Is contained inside an external hard drive case w/a dual end USB connector
    - Is externally powered
    - Has been formatted using Pob3008's guide
    - Had games loaded on to it using Wii Game Manager
    - The red power light is lit, and the drive spins when connected to the Wii
    - Worked perfectly not 2 days ago (connected to the very same Wii; containing the very same games)
    - Is perfectly operational when connected to a PC

    What I did to mess everything up:
    1. The Wii was working perfectly, recognizing the HDD wonderfully, and my son was enjoying Lego Batman 2 on a daily basis.
    2. I made a second (unnamed) folder on the root of the HDD in order to move some movies from one computer to another (dumb, I know) didn't even work for that purpose anyway.
    3. Deleted the unnamed folder, plugged the HDD back in to the Wii...not recognized.
    4. Removed all the games from the HDD using Wii Game Manager, reformatted using Pob3008's guide, put all the games back with WGM, and connected it to the Wii...not recognized.
    5. Did not remove any games from the HDD, reformatted (Pob3008), re-acquired two of the games that were previously on the HDD, loaded them on to the HDD (w/WGM), and connected it to the Wii...not recognized.
    6. Came to Wiihacks for help, for I am beyond my depth.

    Other info:
    - I did not change anything on the Wii between when everything worked and now.
    - I connected the HDD in the exact same manner as I did before, BUT I also tried using the other USB port and switching the USB cables so that the one I normally have plugged in to the power source is plugged in to the Wii and vice versa.
    - We were using WiiFlow exclusively when the HDD and Wii were working as one...have tried WiiFlow, USB loader GX, Configurable USBloader, and NeoGamma during this period of unrest.
    - I searched and searched and searched the forums for a similar issue, but didn't find anything. My apologies if the answer is already out there.

    Thanks, in advance for any help!!

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    Are you putting it in the correct USB slot in the back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by llaffer View Post
    Are you putting it in the correct USB slot in the back?
    If the correct one is the one closest to the edge of the case, then yes.


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