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Thread: Wasabit Zero + Clip = WooHooo!!

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    Wasabit Zero + Clip = WooHooo!!

    Thought I would post up my experience with the zero and clip. Cracking the shell was a breeze with any of the tuts that you find online. Install was not so bad but there were a couple of issues for me and this is what I did to make it all work:

    1. set the switches according the the instruc on the chip itself and attach the clip to zero.

    2. Isolate everything using electrical tape to cover top and bottom of zero and clip but not including the switches nor the grey part of the clip (be careful the clip is delicate - why didn't they use a soft ribbon cable???). I did not overlap tape and cut out bits of the tape to fit perfectly around the switches. Also cut off excess around zero and clip (it was not perfect as I did not want to accidentally put my razer blade through a trace but it was close).

    3. The chip only sits halfway on the wii's circuit board which is part of the reason it fell off a couple of times when I was putting the drive back on. To fix this I used this stuff I have which looks like electrical tape but is about 2mm tall. I stacked it up until it was about a 1.5 mm above the board so that it acts as a foot for the corner of the chip that keeps falling down.

    4. I sat the chip and clip over the wii without any pressure and gently moved it from side to side until it seemed to set into place. Once in place I pushed down from all sides at once until it set (there are no snaps of clicks it just sets and will not fall off when you pick the drive up and I used a good amount of pressure but did not force anything - I live by the rule that if you have to force it then you are doing something wrong).

    5. I put one big piece of electrical tape over the clip (grey part) and proceeded to test her out. Got a red for one sec and then it switched to solid green (I think it is green but am color blind so it could have been yellow). Did the five power cycle test then tried out a few games (regular non burned games - didn't have any to test as I was on 3.4U without homebrew and w/o IOS 37,38,54,55 & ??? check out the thread here for the exact info on which IOS have to be updated).

    6. Now it is time to put it all back together. Be gentle here or your going to screw off all your work. I slid the end with that stupid banded wire set that gets tucked into the wii in first, lining up the male female parts (where the screws that hold the drive in place go). Then I set down the other end of the drive lining up the front two screw things. **DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE, JUST LINE IT UP AND SET IT DOWN GENTLY**. I screwed down the LEFT SIDE FIRST. Screw down the left front and rear screws with NO pressure until they stop then go back and tighten them up snug - tight enough so that the screw driver doesn't turn any more when applying LIGHT pressure- I know you are super strong and can force it further but don't.

    7. Test out the wii again and if it works then you are good to go, if not then I'm lucky or you suck, either way start over.

    8. Put it all back together again and get to burning (remember to seed you bastages - and if your offended by my words then choke on one and gargle with it). I use Verbatim Dvd-r (best buy), imgburn at 4x.

    --Your Daddy

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