I have softmodded my wii using Mauifrog's guide which when I bought it second hand, it is already modchipped. Previously, it was system menu 3.1u, tried playing other DVD backup games like mariokart and it is not playing so I decided to use Mauifrog's guide and it is now system menu 4.1u and the softmod part is a success. Mariokart DVD backup is also working now however, when I tried playing the Just dance 4 DVD backup, it is giving an error that

The DVD is not a Wii or a GC DVD.

I tried neogamma and wiiflow but still failed.

I tried the DVD backup on a store's Wii with system menu 4.2u and it is working. I will now try creating an ISO image and play via USB HDD, but if you have suggestions or answers, I would truly appreciate it. Have tried researching to no avail.

Btw, you might ask on why I still use DVD backups, my answer is, I just prefer playing them on DVD's as my USB flash drives and my USB HDD is jampacked with other work data.