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Thread: Is this possible?

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    Is this possible?

    My Wii's disc drive recently went out (how I'm not sure) it was under warranty but Nintendo basically said they aren't covering it and are sending it back to me unrepaired, everything else on it worked but reading discs, I'm pretty well versed in repairing consoles (I've done it with numerous 360's, PS2's, a couple original Xbox's and other electronics) however in the off case that I cannot repair it without buying parts (money is a bit scarce for me right now, about to start college soon, etc) can I still soft mod my Wii to play backups of games I currently own off of my external hard drive or my 64GB USB stick? I really just want to get back to finishing my Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 games and Skyward sword.

    I'm not sure if I can repair it myself yet as I'm still waiting to get it sent back to me, and I'm nto sure the exact model but I know I ran a system update about 2 weeks ago and it's one of the newer ones without GC backwards compatibility.

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    Pretty unusual for a drive on that new of a console to go out. The drive has to be "seen" by the system in order for your Wii to softmodded. In other words, if it can't read a disc but electrically it's not dead --- then you should be able to softmod it.

    If you're on System Menu 4.3, best to use the Letterbomb hack (which does not require a specific game or your Wii to be able to read a disc):

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    Strange Nintendo wouldn't fix it, if it is still under warranty. Did they give you a reason why it wasn't covered?

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    The system will recognize the disc, but as soon as you attempt to start it it does nothing.

    Nintendo didn't really give me a reason honestly and to be honest i treat my games like gold I'm a collector for the most part (when time and money permits) and I take very good care of my systems and games.

    I didn't attempt any further measures myself as to not void the warranty, but since it's basically down to me buying a new console myself if I cannot repair it I might as well make some use of it for homebrew and other things at the very least.

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    So you had sent it in and they issued a denial? That's what I'm walking away with here (denials like that usually relate to "unauthorized software modifications")

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    Yes, pretty much. But I had never modified this console or touched it, I literally got it as an xmas present to replace one that had diedo n me from age years ago (a release date one) and set it up on my entertainment center, I originally WAS going to mod it but decided against it and was just going to wait til I could afford to buy one cheaply second hand somewhere to do it to, I sent it in and Nintendo basically told me whatever the problem was wasn't covered under the warranty and didn't bother to go in depth about it, so at this point I'm just fed up.

    As soon as I get back here in a few days I'm ordering the tri-wing screwdrivers (which I don't have currently, I seemed to have misplaced my old ones from years ago) and attempt the repair myself and if does not work I'm just going to mod it to save some money for now so I can at least play the back ups of my current games.

    I really can't explain it honestly, I usually have had very good success with the few times I had to deal with Nintendo customer service, including one time with a GameCube I had shortly after it released I had some disc drive trouble and they literally just took bank info down and sent me out a new system and a box/label to ship in my old one. I have no idea what even happened to my system to be honest.

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    Well I got my system back today, strangely it's reading discs alright now, however once I get paid on the 18th I'm ordering the triwing screwdriver to open it up and clean it out and look at it anyways, I did successfully softmod the system now so for now I'm just running my current games off a flash drive.

    Thanks for the help, this forum has been a great resource.

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    They would never get away with that with me. Under warranty and mysteriously refused to repair? You must not be telling the whole story or else you have a major problem standing up for yourself. If it was true you have grounds to sue them for breach of contract.

    Glad its working for you now, maybe they refused to repair because it was working perfectly already. Wii discs are the worst in my experience as far as not playing due to being dirty or scratched....I have had so many disc read errors on the console it's ridicuolous.


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