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Thread: help with update on wii

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    help with update on wii

    I have the twilight hack on my wii, i updated to 3.3 with mario kart,
    I have the homebrew channel and the gator back-up uploader installed and i have 100% sucess loading my back-up's.
    Now I have purchased the wii fit when i try to load the game and calibrate the board but warns me of an impending update that when installed will affect any changes i have made to the wii.
    I am afraid to install this now as it may mess with my back up channel , i am pretty much a roookie when it comes to this but i did see some posts about a down grader? can someone help me or shed some light on what i should do to protect my soft modded wii and still get busy with the wii board
    Thanks in advance
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    Let me help you out............. it's at the top of the forum OR if you scroll a little further up you will see a hyperlink, very handily titled FAQ and if you click upon this........ the mist will be parted and you will clearly be able to see what you need to do ......... Here's another hint..........Starfall

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    its safe..............


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