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Thread: USB Loaders not working with new game

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    USB Loaders not working with new game

    super smash bros brawl is the only game i have ever played with usb loader gx. When i put this game on, i had the disc and i installed it using usb loader gx.

    I now want to play a new game guilty gear xx: accent core plus. The game was tested and works fine on dolphin. My folder setup looks like H:>wbfs> Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus [R3NEXS]> (game here, it is just titled R3NEXS.wbfs)

    When i put it into usb loader gx, and click on it, the game title screen doesnt appear before i hit start, it is just a black screen. WHen i hit stat it brings me back to my homebrew menu, When i tried on cfg usb loader it just said booting game and didnt get past that state.

    I never put a game on computer onto my usb before, i only played smash which was installed from disc. Game was tested and works perfectly fine on dolphin, so what could my problem be?

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    Why not rip the original copy through GX Loader?

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    my game is not working, i think its scratched


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