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Thread: Hacking Old Wii

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    Hacking Old Wii

    I've never owned a wii and I'm pretty noob at all of this... but I was wondering how do I upgrade firmware for the wii from 3.0 to 4.0 ONLY or even 4.3? (I'm not even sure what's the latest firmware currently for the wii right now) I just recently got a hand me down wii from a friend who bought it way back when the first wii came out... I'm afraid that by upgrading the firmware from the settings page, it will be too new for me to softmod it.

    I understand there are many older threads on this forum regarding this question, but I found them to be of no help or outdated. Any advice or suggestions would be great. thank you soo much!

    [on a side note: since my firmware is currently on 3.0U I did try some tutorials that required me to use the bannerbomb v1 and the hackmii installer... it froze on the scam screen... I couldn't get it past the scam screen and couldn't figure out the issue... so I think upgrading the firmware would be best and then proceeding to mod it from there]

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    Moved to proper section of site (OP: you posted in Wii-U newbie section, please be more mindful of where you're posting).

    It'd serve you better to make an Introductory post here. You'd get what you're needing a lot sooner...

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    Sorry about that, I did try to delete it but couldn't find the button.
    Thanks for the advice, I'll make a post in introductory.

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