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Thread: Newbie here, need a little help, looked around, still no dice

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    Newbie here, need a little help, looked around, still no dice


    I followed mauifrogs great guide in softmodding my 3.1u hardmodded wii. I have tried to post my problem on that same thread but failed. I then read that it could be since I am copy and pasting the text on the guide as I tried to use it to explain the issue furthermore.

    To make the long story short, have followed the guide up until the part where I download to update my system menu from 3.1u to 4.1u. The problem is that the link is dead or is not working. I tried the other links just to experiment and it is the same. My softmodding attempt is at a stop for now.

    To the mods, my apologies if i tried to post a thread a while ago wherein i copy and pasted a text from a guide. Hopefully, now, this thread would be posted

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    I've posted in your other thread on the same topic here-->
    One thread per topic thanks. Please keep that in mind in future. This thread will be closed.

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