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Thread: Kirby's Dream Collection not released in PAL region

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    Kirby's Dream Collection not released in PAL region

    Hello everyone!
    I was thinking of buying some kirby games for the wii as I want something different anyway I was looking at the kirby wiiki (get it? ) for a list and I found Kirby's Dream Collection which comes with a collection of the classics
    I looked on ebay and could only find ntsc-u versions and when I looked on the wiki, it says
    Release September 16, 2012
    July 19, 2012
    (Didn't think the html colors would work ANYWAY) It has no europe so I'm wondering, Can I get a NTSC/USA copy of the game, then use wiiflow to dump it and play on my Pal vWii (Wii U's wiimode)? Apparently wiiflow can play any region but will this work on my Wii U's vWii?

    EDIT: Tried it, it works un-regioned Wii U vWii!!
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