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Thread: Wii froze while trying to install IOS

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    Wii froze while trying to install IOS

    I just got homebrew and and bootmii on my wii and was trying to install the IOS to be able to use uloader but right after I clicked on it from homebrew it freezes on the install screen and I lose connection to the wiimote. I don't know whether if I can get connection to the wiimote back would allow me to install them or not bc I tried to power off/ restart the wii from the buttons on the console. I've read some forums bout this but seen where I need a gamecube controller for it to work and I don't have one. What steps can I take to get this lined out to where I can use the wii for what I was trying to accomplish it to do?

    P.s. I'm new to Modding wiis but have done countless other modding to phones, tablets, and psps. So with a little advice I should be able to have no problem with this.


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    When you clicked on what, Uloader, cIOS, what? Losing connection is typical for no cIOS. Your post is lacking basic information. Are you following the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide? You should be, and if so this post is better served to be made there (if so).

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    Sorry bout that, I clicked on cios and no I'm not going thru the guide, I went on lifehacker and used letterbomb and then seen a link for the different cios apps so I followed that and their instructions which didn't mention anything about the lost connection problem.

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