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Thread: A little help, I've looked around somewhat.. Still need some help.

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    A little help, I've looked around somewhat.. Still need some help.

    Hello, I started to panic after reading something so I am unsure..

    I installed the homebrew channel on my Black Wii running System Menu 4.3u and installed Bootmii. Now, I did this thinking I was doing the correct thing until I stumbled upon (sorry I am a nooblet and didn't know about this place)

    NOW I fear I screwed up, I didn't know the black wiis were not the best to softmod and I thought that it didn't matter all I was hearing was "Wii's are easy to mod" Well, with that I softmodded my wii.

    Have I screwed up? I installed Bootmii as a IsO file which I read a post which said to give up if you cant use boot2 or something.. (I have a hard time understanding what I read at times but that is what I got out of that post) After softmodding using Bootmii as a IsO then began looking how to do more things and found this site.. And this site made me second guess my choices.. So have I royally screwed up and wasted my money and my wii?

    If not and it is still okay, what do I do next so I don't brick my wii? I looked into things here and I read what to do to BRICK it but a lot of the things I read were hard to understand honestly.. I tried reading before asking this but I am starting to panic and would like not to kill my wii xD haha I don't even want to test running a normal game or turn off my wii in fear I did bad.. I don't even know how to back up my wii even though I cant supposedly, well I can but I'd need someone who could reprogram or something... GOD/Wiihacks! Please help me... lol

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    Your Wii is still moddable. It just doesn't have some brick protection capabilities that older systems (boot2) have.

    Check the Softmod Any Wii guide (link in my signature) and follow it to mod your system. Any questions about the guide (after trying to read it a few times first) should be asked in the guide's thread.

    It doesn't sound like you messed anything up, yet. What you did would be the first step of the guide : running HackMii and installing HBC and BootMii as an IOS (your Wii wouldn't have the boot2 exploit, only older systems have that).

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