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Thread: disc read error...any ideas?

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    disc read error...any ideas?

    I have a couple of wfbs files. And used the wfbs to iso converter to make them iso files. I then burnt this ISO file onto a dvd-r (using IMGBURN) and ran it using neogamma. But after a while, it just said that the wii cannot read the disc.

    Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that it was an wfbs and not a full ISO file? Because I burnt a full ISO file to dvd and neo gamma ran it perfectly. Also, would it be the DVD-R's I am using (Verbatim)

    Any ideas, or should I just stick to full size ISOs and stop trying to convert them?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Does this Wii play other burned backups?

  3. #3 played kirby's epic yarn that i backed up, but that was an ISO and not a wfbs file. And it was burned on a different brand of dvd-r. But it works fine.

    i just burned another full ISO and that worked. So basically I am asking this - is there a good way to convert wfbs files to ISO to be burnt onto disc?
    Many thanks.
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    Not really. When you turn a file into .wbfs, you lose the data that was used as padding and that can't be made back again. I've had the same problem with I had a WBFS formatted hard drive and wanted to go FAT32. I used a program to convert my .wbfs files to .iso, formatted hard drive, then moved the files back reconverting them to .wbfs. About half of the games failed and I had to re-rip them.
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