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Thread: i now finished softmodding my wii. now i have a question

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    i now finished softmodding my wii. now i have a question

    i followed this guide successfully (thank God):

    now if i remove the sd card, will i still be able to use the new channels like "wiiflow", "usb loader GX", etc. without any problems?

    i still want to use the sd card on my phone lol.
    but its ok if its not possible anymore
    i just need an answer.. thanks

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    You can set them up to load from a USB device instead of SD but until you do it's best to leave the SD in the Wii.

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    The channels on the Menu are forwarders. You still need the SD in system to use them.

    If you choose to run the apps from USB instead of SD, the forwarders will fail and you have to run them from HBC directly.
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    If you use USB Loader GX v3.0 and you have it's forwarder installed. Then, you can remove the SD Card. However, The loader's save file won't work so that means that all the settings that you change wont show up until you put your SD Card back into the Wii. I have already tested several forwarders but USB Loader GX only seems to work.


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