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Thread: CFG 70r50 using dios mios 2.6 problem

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    Question CFG 70r50 using dios mios 2.6 problem

    Looking for some assistance using dios mios 2.6 along with CFG 70r50 for Mario kart double dash. Everything is working until start is pressed to play the game, then a humming sound with a freeze to black screen. all the reading shows that everything is correct except for verifying the game which is iso file. HDD is fat32 with 32kb cluster and CFG shows Dios Mios 2.2+ in the info with the game showing up after splash screen but only freezes when game is started. This is the red Wii with Game Cube controls on top using an actual Game Cube controller.
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    Do you get the same thing if you try any of the other loaders that works with DM? (WiiFlow and GX loaders are in my signature for you to try).

    If all else fails, it may be a bad rip. You can use CleanRip to rip an .iso off of the disk and then massage it with DMToolbox, or rip it directly off the disk using GX using the same install function like you would use to install a Wii game.
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    the same thing happened with WiiFlo, GX didn't recognize the game. DMToolbox was used on the copy. Any other suggestions would be appreciated
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