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Thread: dragoball 2 can not click save to play

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    dragoball 2 can not click save to play

    ive sorted my softmod out, got rid of microwave sams and put the one you have on the wii hacks site .and progress, ican play a few games now, but it always says you need the numchuck to play .so anyway loaded dragonball2 budokia and when it asks me to save the game. i try to click the yes, but there is nothing there with the remote to do this if i choose not to save it just goes back to the same question this is with the usb im using with willflow any ideas about this would be appreciated thanx sandog1

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    Did you plug in the nun chuck like the game told you to?

    You need either a nun chuck, classic controller or a GameCube controller to play the game. Using just a Wiimote won't work.

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    Wow, I never have a clue what this guy is saying.
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