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Thread: My Wii has a Neogamma Autoboot but im not sure how to install more channels

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    Unhappy My Wii has a Neogamma Autoboot but im not sure how to install more channels

    well i got this wii from a local mall from my place. they said it can read burned games but heres the problem pls bare with me.

    so i got a channel of neogamma autoboot on my wii but some of the games i burned didnt actually worked on it like No More Heroes 1 and 2 and Madden NFL10. but im not sure what neogamma version i have (maybe you can tell me, everytime i open the channel i see 2 disks overlapping each other, a wii disk at the back and a dvd disk in front). so i thought maybe i can update this channel. but i dont see anyway to update it. my wii is on version 4.3U. and neogamma is the only channel i see in my wii homescreen. and i dont see any way to add a new channel

    i tried using letterbomb (because thats the only way for my version) so that i can check if im missing something by going back to the start of hacking using a 16gb SD card but the letterbomb is not showing up in my messages screen. i know i did all steps required to use letterbomb but nothing showed up in my wii inbox. i red in some threads that some people also had the same problem because they used a 16gb sd card but im not sure tho.

    so anyway heres my question/s:

    am i doing something wrong?

    why is letterbomb not working?

    what should i do to be able to install some more channels? (like usb loader)

    is it bad that i rehack a wii that is already hacked?

    how can i update my neogamma to latest so that i can run some new games?

    thanks in advance.

    im new to wii hacking so you may see some more threads with my name on it.

    some games i burned worked on my wii btw. like super mario galaxy 2, spiderman shattered dimensions, Monster hunter(pretty laggy), and 007 Golden Eye.
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    First things first, you better take a read of the FORUM RULES. You are treading a thin line regarding a certain section. After that, make a post in the Introduce Yourself section. You will be greeted with a bunch of info and links that will answer all of your above questions.


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